06.11 - 09.11.2008

Meeting of INEDITS 2008

Cinema Rescat - Reus

In 2008, the annual meetings of the association INEDITS were organised by the association Cinema Rescat in Reus, Catalonia. It took place during the 6th to the 9th of November,as part of the festival Memorimage. The theme was 'How to work with an amateur film fund?'

The association members actions were given focus and importance with a workshop fully dedicated to their activities about the preservation and enhancement of films. Participants also questioned themselves about the way technological development led to new uses and demands from production companies (16:9, colourisation). The historian Valerie Vignaux proposed a conference about films shot by Clotilde Müller-Libeski (funds kept by the CNA – Luxembourg). An amateur film production based upon member's collections was dedicated to the marriage rites through Europe. Finally, Cinema Rescat presented its projects of two Catalonian amateur films. For instance ' Imitando al fakir' by Felip Sagués, shot in 9,5mm in 1937, from which Encarnacion Soler studied the history ands it's inspiration.