Roundtables, workshops, projects, discussions. Join us and help us improve the perception of amateur film.

The annual meetings of the association

Since its creation, INEDITS organizes an event once a year at a designated European city.

This moment of sharing and exchanging ideas lasts two to three days. It's an opportunity for those who work on amateur film to meet up. The organizers set up workshops and screenings to create a connection to the specific features for members.

Each year a different topic allows people to explore the history and different aspects of amateur cinema. Workshops make it possible to work on technical, legal, aesthetic questions and to discuss different ways to enhance collections.

We organize public screenings, with movies from members' collections and documentaries created from archives.

INEDITS meetings demonstrate each year the diversity and creativity of amateur cinema. They show the importance of these artifacts to record the history of Europeans and Europe. It is a chance to observe the evolution of all the different techniques up until today. Finally, they make possible to “experience together”, and are a good oppurtunity to learn from the work of each other about a shared passion : Amateur films.