22.11 - 24.11.2007

Meeting of INEDITS 2007

Cinémathèque des Pays de Savoie - Annecy (France)

In 2007, the Cinémathèque des Pays de Savoie organized the annual meetings of the association in Annecy. This was from the 22nd to the 24th of November, and the theme was 'What public access to the films?'

Several subjects were discussed during this time. The territorial identity of multimedia libraries, film exchanges among the members and different enhancement projects led in Brittany, Normandy and Savoie. Two public screenings were scheduled, which allowed the people from Annecy to discover the member's favourite films, some amateur films gathered in Savoie, several episodes from the series “Le passé recomposé” produced with the content of the Pôle Image Haute Normandie (2007) and the beautiful “Mort à Vignole” by Olivier Smolders (1998).