21.11 - 23.11.2002

Meeting of INEDITS 2002

Musée national de Finlande - Helsinki

80th anniversary of 9,5mm film

In 2002, the national museum of Finland organized the annual meeting of the association in Helsinki. This took place on the 22nd and 23th of November. The theme of the 80th anniversary was 9,5mm film. 

Alain Esmery (Forum des Images, Paris) presented a history of 9,5mm. Then Ine Van Dooren (South East Film and Video Archive, Great Britain) talked about the specifications of this format. Several other projects are also discussed : a repertory of movies using amateur archives (Agnès Deleforge – Memoire Audiovisuelle de Haute-Normandie) ; then a collective project of DVD's ; the first website of the association (James Lohest - Sparchives, Belgium) ; the perspective of a European project coordinated by the CNA (Luxembourg) ; a project of a symposium in Trier (Germany) on amateur cinema and the collaboration of archivists and researchers on this topic. Finally, the members agreed on the fact to organize, the following year, public screenings in Monaco.