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Discover an inventory of films produced for the cinema, television or web, with amateur films.
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Bonheur maximum garanti

A film by Mathieu Jean-Baptiste , France , 1996 , 24 minutes.
Production : New deal films, Canal+
From home movies, news, business and advertisements of the 50 movies and 60, "Bonheur maximum garanti" (Guaranteed maximum happiness) captures the spirit of an era that promised happiness to all and away the speech propaganda in a sweet hysteria.
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Death at Vignole

A film by Smolders Olivier , Belgium , 1998 , 25 minutes.
Production : Les Films du Scarabée and Wallonie Image Production
While shooting a family movie in Venice, a filmmaker wonders how family images play a part in love and death stories.
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Free fall (Private Hungary 10)

A film by Forgács Péter , Hungary , 1996 , 75 minutes.
"Free fall" reflects to the times before the Shoah, the darkest chapter of the 20th century Hungary, based on the home movies of the talented musician, photographer and businessman, György Pető who made 8mm films from 1938. We follow their story, to discover what's behind the Pető’s happiness, how they suppress the fearful signs of threatening evidences of forthcoming massacres. "Free Fall" envisions the illusions of a Jewish Hungarian family eroded step by step, the happy, banal moments framed by the Hungarian Jewish laws. How do we understand segregation, the racist laws if ‘angels’ voice recites them? We follow their determination, the unpredictable events, and their illusions, and hopes until the very last moments. The "Free Fall" video opera recitative music composed and conducted by Tibor Szemző.
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Gabriel's Dream

A film by Lévy-Morelle Anne , Belgium , 1996 , 83 minutes.
Production : Saga Films
"Gabriel's Dream" is a documentary film directed by Anne Lévy-Morelle. It tells the story of Gabriel de Halleux, an established business man who, in late 1940s, decided to leave everything and start a new life in Chile Chico, in the depths of Chilean Patagonia.
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Martin (Les)

Collection Centre Image Lorraine, Cinémathèque de Bretagne, Forum des Images, Mémoire Audiovisuelle de Haute-Normandie
A film by Wieder Alain, Guidicelli Jean-Claude , France , 2003 , 6 X 52 minutes.
Production : La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse / France 5
Les Martin, a 6 hours television serial, tells the story of a French family from 1945 to 1975. Their personal life is fictitious, but their historical surrounding is genuine. The main character Julien Martin, helped by his grand-father, tells the story of his family by relying on their family films. Alain Wieder, the author, wrote his narrative through a carefully knitted chronological frame. 80% of this programme is made of archival material: home movies, newsreels, educational films, propaganda footage, industrial and promotional pictures, advertisements, television archives...
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Monsieur William, les traces d'une vie possible

A film by Gaubert Denis , France , 2001 , 25 minutes.
Production : Sotavento
July 22, 1969, Simon Edelman is interned at Richmond Hospital in the neurology department, with these transfer notes: "Abandoned, confused and disoriented, identity unknown." Nurses call him Mr William.
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