Pathé Baby Centenary - February by Anna Briggs

Love and Marriage, selected by Anna Briggs

 9.5mm film 'Pathé Baby' centenary 1922-2022:Happy Birthday Baby! 

February Archive Streaming Programme: Love and Marriage, selected by Anna Briggs

Cupid is paying us a visit this month, bringing his bow and arrow, handfuls of heart-shaped confetti, love potions, yards of tulle, rose petals and boxes of chocolates. 

♥ Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia, Mario Cessi, Corsa nel grano e giochi di società, 1929

♥ Grahame Newnham Collection, Jean Image, Pigeon vole, year unknown

♥ Steve the 95 Collector Collection, Ludwig Berger, Cinderella, 1935

♥ Princeton University Library - Rare Books and Special Collections, Pathé Frères, Documentaires colonies: mariage au Dahomey, year unknown

♥ Paul Linton collection, T.G. Ridge, War Brides, Wedddings Putney & Canterbury, 1940

♥ Cinéam / Archives audiovisuelles en banlieue parisienne, Georges Moreau, Mariage Georges Moreau ; Scènes de famille, Jeanine bébé ; Saynètes comiques, 1923

♥ Nasjonalbiblioteket, filmmaker unknown, Private opptak: Et par som soler seg, 1935