Pathé Baby Centenary - Carte blanche to Normandie Images

Photogramme issu du film amateur : " Portrait de fête de Geneviève (9 ans)" - Fresnay-le-Long, 23 juillet 1929, André Noufflard, 9,5mm, inv : 0050N0024 (240) © Normandie Images

June Archive Streaming Programme: Carte blanche to Normandie Images, selected by Agnès Deleforge - collections manager.

Agnès presents the Pathé Baby film collection from painters André and Berthe Noufflard. She has chosen some gems among the 733 films shot by André Noufflard between 1925 and 1940.
This unique collection can be viewed in full at

Firstly, this portrait of Geneviève Noufflard - daughter of the painter and responsible for the deposit of this marvellous collection at Normandie Images archive - was produced to contextualize the images: 

André Noufflard, Rivière travaillant, 1926

André Noufflard, Portrait de fête de Geneviève (9 ans) - Fresnay-le-Long (240), 1929

André Noufflard, Arrivée à Fresnay-le-Long (93), 1927

André Noufflard, Miss Paget écrivant - Fresnay (333), 1931

André Noufflard, Sortie de l'écrit du bachot - Paris (687), 1938

André Noufflard, Après l'écrit du bachot – Fresnay (452), 1933

André Noufflard, Construction d'une meule – Fresnay (196), 1928

André Noufflard, Sur la meule (51), 1926

André Noufflard, Bain de Geneviève à Dieppe (498/499), 1934

André Noufflard, Fresnay (298), 1930

Thanks to Geneviève Noufflard (in memoriam) - André and Berthe Noufflard collection.