Pathé Baby Centenary - August by Anna Briggs

August Archive Streaming Programme: Visions, selected by Anna Briggs

9.5mm film 'Pathé Baby' centenary 1922-2022: Happy Birthday Baby!

August Archive Streaming Programme: Visions, selected by Anna Briggs

August is when you start seeing things. The stars fall in August. You wake to days with the feeling you’ve already lived through them. People pass out in the street and on airplanes. The moon talks to you. August is the month of visions.

Mémoire Normande, André Noufflard, Sculptures de la Cathédrale de Bourges, 1928

CICLIC Mémoire, Jacques Griffon & Caméra Club de l'Indre, La queue du chat, 1956

Steve the 95collector, Cherry Kearton, Sallys Day Out, 1934

Filmcollectief, filmmaker unknown, Film About Monkeys Dressed as Humans, year unknown

Brulidr Collection, Hal Roach Studios, The Dippy Do Dah Club / The Knockout, 1923

David Winderickx Collection, filmmaker unknown, L'éruption de l'Etna, year unknown

Mémoire Normande, André Noufflard, M. Hurpin cueille un essaim, 1926

La Pequeña Filmoteca, filmmaker unknown, Película casera, México, Ciudad de México, year unknown

Kinolibrary, filmmaker unknown, Bavaria, Costumed Skiiers, 1930s

Steve the 95collector, filmmaker unknown, Le gladiateur combattant – étude de gestes et d'attitudes, year unknown

Denis-Carl Robidoux Collection, filmmaker unknown, Gators Galore, 1930

Cinémathèque des Pays de Savoie et de l'Ain, Gaston Grabit, Le diable rouge, 1955

Unknown Cinema, filmmaker unknown, An Intrepid Parachutist, year unknown

Home Movies – Archivio nazionale del film di famiglia, Aleardo Felisi, Palloni all’Arena, 1927

Cinémathèque des Pays de Savoie et de l'Ain, Adrien Bonnefoy, Vols de mouettes sur le Léman, 1929

Jeff Kreines Collection, filmmaker unknown, French Children in Canoe, year unknown

Cinémathèque des Pays de Savoie et de l'Ain, François Paturle, Col de l'Iseran, Megève, circa 1950

NPO Science Film Museum, filmmaker unknown, Otaka Family 9.5mm Movie and Kirigami Work, year unknown