10th edition of the Orphan Film Symposium

Orphan Film Symposium

Library of Congress, National Audio-Visual Conservation Center - Culpeper (Virginie, États-Unis)

Since 1999, the Orphan Film Symposium has made it possible for academics, archivists, organizers and artists to recall and preserve the memory of forgotten artwork. It is now organized by the New York University of cinema studies. On many occasions, amateur films have been highlighted during this international congress. In 2014, our colleague Jiri Hornicek (NFA – Prague) took part in Amsterdam.

From the 6th to the 10th of april 2016, the 10th edition on the theme of the sound, will be hosted by the audiovisual preservation center of the Library of Congress of Culpeper in Virginia.

A first schedule is already online on the event's blog.