Our survey into amateur film preservation in Europe

In 2018, Inedits sent out a questionnaire all over Europe to sound out preservation and curatorial practices used throughout the continent for amateur film collections. Here are the results!

Five years ago, the Inedits board came up with the plan to survey practices regarding the collection, preservation, description and curation of amateur films in Europe.

An initial questionnaire was sent out in July 2014 to European film archives. Thirty-three organizations responded. The scope of this first survey was then expanded and updated in 2018. This time the questionnaire was filled out by twenty-four organizations, seven of which had not replied the first time round. In all, the results published today are based on data sent in by forty different archives.

Such a survey of the collection and preservation of non-professional films, which began in the 1980s, had never before been carried out and is of a pioneering nature. It was coordinated by Alain Esmery. In the future, Inedits hopes to be able to update the survey and bring in new experiences to draw a map as representative as possible of the actual practices of collection and curation of amateur film throughout Europe, and – maybe – even further afield.

You can download the results of the survey on this webpage (link under the photograph on the left).