Pathé Baby Centenary - May by Anna Briggs

May Archive Streaming Programme 9.5 Centenary: I Walk The Line, selected by Anna Briggs

9.5mm film 'Pathé Baby' centenary 1922-2022: Happy Birthday Baby!

May Archive Streaming Programme: I Walk The Line, selected by Anna Briggs

In May our bodies - for better or for worse - weave collective geometry as we march, parade, dance, line up, strut and stroll together. 

Princeton University Library - Rare Books and Special Collections, filmmaker unknown, Les fêtes religieuses de Séville, year unknown

Grahame Newnham Collection, Dave Fleischer, Betty Boop in 'Parade of the Wooden Soldiers', 1933

Normandie Images, Charles Davoust, Défilé du front populaire 1937 Rouen

Image'Est, Lucien Perrot, 1er Mai à Domrémy-La-Pucelle, 1938

The Media Archive for Central England, C.W. Richards, Richards: Kettering 1945 - 1948

The Media Archive for Central England, filmmaker unknown, Crowning of the May Queen 1953