Pathé Baby 1922-2022 - October by Anna Briggs

October Programme: Le cinéma chez soi, selected by Anna Briggs

9.5mm film 'Pathé Baby' centenary 1922-2022: Happy Birthday Baby! 

October Archive Streaming Programme: Le cinéma chez soi, selected by Anna Briggs

'Become a film director with the PATHE-BABY camera, capture unforgettable memories in motion, like the ones you're about to see on this screen.'

Grahame Newnham Collection, filmmaker unknown, Visite aux usines Pathé Cinéma, 1924

CICLIC, filmmaker unknown, Visite des usines Pathé à Joinville, 1929

CICLIC, Maurice Raby, Promotion du Pathé-Baby, 1938

UK Green Ball Collection, filmmaker unknown, Pathé Baby 1918, year unknown

MB Corp Collection, Admira Ledvinka, Reklama na mbcorp pathé 9,5mm, year unknown

Grahame Newnham Collection, filmmaker unknown, Hints, year unknown

NPO Science Video Museum, Masaharu Kusunoki, Tokyo, Yokohama, 1935

Yorkshire Film Archive / North East Film Archive, Peter Dobing, Beneath the Lights: A Family Film 1949

Moninos Collection, filmmaker unknown, 9 5mm 4 Jaja Ping pong La fichere oldies, year unknown

Moninos Collection, filmmaker unknown, 9 5mm 8 La Fichere, year unknown

Grahame Newnham Collection, Charlie Chaplin, Charlot au ciné, 1914