INEDITS Meeting 2022 - Rendez-vous à Saint-Etienne !

INEDITS Meeting 2022 - Rendez-vous à Saint-Etienne !


The 32nd European Meeting of INEDITS is organized by the Cinémathèque de Saint-Étienne, from November 8 to 10, 2022 in the framework of the centenary of the first regional Cinémathèque created in France. This anniversary coincides with that of the 9.5 format invented by Charles Pathé in 1922, which will be particularly honored during these meetings.

At a time when the amateur film archive is reaching the screens of commercial cinemas as a subject in its own right, when university research is legitimizing amateur cinema(s) as a scientific object, many « alternative » spaces for artistic creation and distribution are developing. The Cinémathèque of Saint-Étienne proposes to question the new ways of looking at this object of popular culture that is amateur film. And reciprocally, the theme « Towards new perspectives », proposed for these 32nd INEDITS meetings, wants to question the new historical, social and political insights that this particular cinema (of) our history brings.

Projections - Meetings :

Members film « 100 years - 100 films of 9.5mm format » - INEDITS -2022  Tuesday 8 - ENSASE - part 1 - 9pm Wednesday 9 - Le Melies Cinema - part 2 - 9pm Thursday 10 - Amicale laïque Tardy -part 3 - 6:30pm

Selection Kino Retro 3087 - 60 min - short films from the archives of the Cinémathèque maked for our 100 years birthday - 2022 Tuesday 8 - ENSASE - 9pm

Les Années Super 8 Annie Ernaux and David Ernaux-Briot - France 2022 - 62 min Wednesday 9 - Le Méliès Cinema - 9pm

9 1/2 - Centennial of 9.5mm format INEDITS - 2022 - 45 min A montage film featuring 9.5mm amateur films from around the globe (produced by Home Movies, curated by A.Briggs, M.Manzolini, M.Santi) Thursday 10 - Amicale laïque Tardy - 6:30pm

Closing ceremony Music / Dance / video installation Thursday 10 - Amicale laïque Tardy - 9pm

Professionnal workshop at La Comète

Two Round table "New heritage perspectives » Informal artistic collectives, collaborative spaces of collection, conservation and diffusion. Which actors of the amateur archives ?" and "New scientific perspectives 100 years after the invention of the 9.5mm format, the amateur cinema at the University ?" patnership Jean Monnet University