25th Annual meeting

Institut Jean Vigo, salle de cinéma

Institut Jean Vigo - Perpignan (France)

The next meeting of INEDITS will take place from Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st of October, in Perpignan, in the Institute Jean Vigo, The euro-regional film library member of INEDITS. The main theme of this meeting will be “the valorisation of collections, hosting and working with the artists”.

The screening is dedicated to the films from the members collections of the theme of “1945 : year of war, year of peace”. Discover the astonishing documentation that will show how amateurs illustrated, sometimes without willing to do so, this change of state between the war and the peace.

This meeting will end with the annual general assembly. There will be an opportunity to speak with management about the activities of the association, and to expand on the new website under construction currently. We'll also be calling for the applications for the 2016 meeting.